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WBCHSE Class 11 English All Questions Answers Suggestions [MONTH] [YEAR]

Class 11th English Suggestion WBCHSE | Class 11 English Suggestion in [YEAR] | পশ্চিমবঙ্গ একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি সাজেশন

Download. WBCHSE Class 11 English short question suggestion [YEAR] . Class 11 English Suggestion download. [YEAR] Class 11 Question Paper English. WB Class 11 English suggestion and important questions in [YEAR]. Class 11 Suggestion pdf in [YEAR]

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Class 11 English Prose :

Leela’s Friend :

  1. Justify the title of the story 'Leela's Friend'
  2. How did Leela try to educate Sidda ?
  3. Do you think Leela is a real teacher to Sidda. - give answer in support of your reason.
  4. What are the alphabets known to Leela ? How did Sidda get release from the clutches of Leela ?
  5. What were Sidda's duties at Mr Shivasankar house ? What were paid to Sidda in return?
  6. Describe the incident pf Sidda's appointment as a servent in Leela's house.
  7. How did Sidda become Leela's Friend ?
  8. How did Sidda spend time with Leela? Analyse the Relationship between Leela and Sidda.
  9. The ending of the short Story 'Leela's Friend'.
  10. How (according to you) was Sidda treated by the police ? Do you think that Sidda was really a criminal as said by the police ?
  11. What stories were told to Leela by sidda?what effect did these stories have on Leela?
  12. Why was Leela so pleased to play the teacher to sidda ? How was sidda's condition then ?
  13. "Her mind was disturbed"- Where from the line is taken ? Whose mind was disturbed ? Why was her mind disturbed ?
  14. Which chain was lost? Who was suspected and why? How was it found?

Karma :

Jimmy Valentine :

The Place Of Art In Education :

Class 11 English Poem

Upon Westminster Bridge :

Meeting at night :

The Sick Rose :

Daybreak :

Class 11 English Rapid Reader

The Comedy Of Errors :

As you like it :

Macbeth :

Othello :

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