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Class 11 English - Karma Important Long Question Note

Discuss how sir. Mohanlal, the proud man of speculation was brought down to the ground? ( Karma Long Question Suggestions )

➞ Sir. Mohanlal a high official and a barrister was waiting at the first class waiting room of a station. He had spent five years in London. She hated everything that was Indian. His wife was not considered feat to travel with him in the first class coupe. While shipping his glass of whisky in the waiting room, sir Mohanlal was imaging who would be his fellow passengers. He expected some English officers to be on the train. With this high expectation he got into his coupe. But he was delighted to see two English soldiers coming towards his coupe. The loudly commanded to vocate the coupe. But he protested in his Oxford English, they flung his tharmos flask, briefcase and bedding. Besides, they flung sir Mohan caught by the arms and flung him out of the train. His feet were fixed to the ground and being confounded by the suddenness of the situation he become speechless.
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