Class 11 English - Jimmy Valentine - Part 1

Q. Retrace Jimmy Valentine's course of action from the moment he is granted parol to the time he reaches his room ?

➞ On being released from the jail with a railroad and a five dollar bill given on behalf of the state , Jimmy Valentine went straight to a restaurant. He enjoyed a boiled chicken and a bottles of white wine.

 Boarding the train, he visited to the cafe of mike Dolan. Then he collected the key of his room from Mike, Jimmy went up stairs and unlocked the door. There he found everything as he had left. Suddenly he discovered the eminent detective Benprice's collar button on the floor. Then he dragged out a dusty suitcase. Opened it, he gaged fondly at the finest set of his tools of burglary. This was all what Jimmy did after his getting paroles up to his arrival at his own room.
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