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WB Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1] PDF Download - একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি সাজেশন [YEAR1]

WB Class 11 English Last Minute Suggestion [PYEAR1] - [YEAR1] PDF Download| উত্তর সহ একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি সাজেশন

WBCHSE West Bengal Board Class Eleven English Suggestion [YEAR1] PDF : একাদশ শ্রেণীর পরীক্ষা একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ পরীক্ষা যেটা HS পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নপত্রের ধারণা এবং তার সাথে HS পরীক্ষার জন্য Confidence যোগায়।

আজ পশ্চিমবঙ্গ বোর্ডের একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি [YEAR1] সাজেশন আলোচনা করবো যেখানে বাছাই করা Class 11 English Suggestion PDF আকারে দেওয়া হবে যেগুলি থেকে তোমরা একাদশ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজি পরীক্ষার সম্ভাব্য প্রশ্নের সাজেশন পাবে।

যদি প্রশ্নগুলি তোমাদের ভালো লাগে তাহলে নিচের প্রশ্নগুলো তোমাদের বন্ধুদের সাথে শেয়ার করতে পারো এবং আমাদের Telegram ও WhatsApp group এ join করতে পারো আরো অন্যান্য বিষয়ের সাজেশনের জন্য।

■ একাদশ শ্রেণীর সমস্ত বিষয়ের সাজেশন [YEAR1]

WB Class 11 English Suggestion PDF [YEAR1] - All Chapters

Leela’s Friend - Class XI Annual Exam Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. Describe the character of Leela.

2. Describe the character of Sidda.

3. How did Leela try to educate Sidda?

4. What are the alphabets known to Leela ? How did Sidda get release from the clutches of Leela ?

5. What were duties did Sidda perform at Shivasankar house? What were given to Sidda in exchange of his duties?

6. How did Sidda become Leela's Friend?

7. 'Sidda Come And Play' who said this? What kind of games did the Speaker play?

8. Justify the title of the story 'Leela's Friend'.

9. Which chain was lost? Who was suspected and why? How was it found?

10. “In any case, we could not have kept a criminal like him in the house” – who is the speaker? Who is the criminal referred to here? What led the speaker to such a comment?

Jimmy Valentine - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. What did Jimmy Valentine do from the time he got out of jail till he met Mike Dolan?

2. "Ben Price investigated the scene of the robberies and was heard to remark." - Who was Ben Price? What did he say? What did he know of Jimmy's habits?

3. Describe the character of Jimmy Valentine.

4. "Mr Ralph D. Spencer, the phoenix that arose from Jimmy Valentine's ashes." - Who is Ralph D. Spencer? What is Phoenix? Why has the comparison been made?

5. "That child she can't stand it long in there"- Who is referred to here? Why was she in danger? How was she saved?

6. “One day Jimmy sat down in his room and wrote a letter to an old friend.” – Who is the old friend? What does Jimmy write to him and why?

7. What new name did Jimmy Valentine assume at Elmore? What business did Jimmy open there? How did Jimmy fare at Elmore?

Karma - Class 11 Final Exam Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. "He was dismayed" Who was 'he'? When was he dismayed and why? What did he do then?

2. Sketch the character of Sir Mohan Lal.

3. The significance of the title "Karma".

4. Compare and contrast the character of Sir Mohan Lal and Lady Lal.

5. How did Sir Mohan Lal feel when he saw two Englishmen coming up to the coupe? Why was he half smiling and half protesting?

Nobel Lecture (Mother Teresa) - Class 11 Final Exam Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. Narrate in your own words the experience of Mother Teresa in an old age home.

2. “And she died with a smile on her face” - How did she die with a smile on her face?

3. Narrate the experience Mother Teresa had when there was great difficulty in getting sugar.

4. What is Mother Teresa’s opinion about abortion?

The place of art in education - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. According to Nandlal Bose, how are beauty and aesthetics connected to a person’s physical and mental well being? Explain with an example from the text.

2. What is the differences between fine art and functional art ?

3. According to Nandalal Bose, how does lack of aesthetic sense affect life?

4. Why is encounter with Nature' Important for the learners ? How can they be introduced to Nature? 

5. How does a poor Santhal express his sense of beauty and order in his daily life?

Meeting at night - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. Justify the title of the poem, Meeting at Night.

2. "And a voice less loud, through its joys and fears, Than the two hearts beating each to each!" - Whose voice is referred to here? Why is the voice full of joy and fear? Describe the meeting.

3. Evaluate "Meeting at Night" as a love poem.

4. Why is the sea described as ‘ grey ‘ in ‘ Meeting at Night ‘ ? Why is the land described as ‘ long black land ‘ ?

5. Give an account of the lover's journey to his beloved in 'Meeting at Night'.

6. What does the speaker observe in the course of his journey to the farmhouse in the poem, Meeting at Night'? What does he do as reaches the farmhouse?

Upon Westminster Bridge - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. Write about the significance of the title of the poem 'Upon Westminster Bridge'.

2. “A sight so touching in its majesty’-What is the sight referred to here? What does the poet feel about the sight? Who would be dull of soul and why?

3. "All bright and glittering in the smokeless air" What does the poet refer to by 'all'? Why are they bright and glittering?

4. What is Personification? Give some examples of personification used in the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”.

The sick rose - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. What does the worm in “The Sick Rose” symbolise? Why is it invisible?

2. Justify the title of the poem The Sick Rose.

3. Bring out the relation between the rose and the worm.

4. “O Rose thou art sick” – Why is the rose sick and how has the rose fallen sick? Why does the poet exclaim out the sickness of the rose?

Daybreak - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. Justify the title of the poem, Daybreak.

2. Explain the wind’s actions in the poem “Daybreak.”

3. Give a picture of the morning as mentioned in the poem 'Daybreak'.

4. What role does the wind play in announcing the beginning of the day? How is the final couplet different from the rest of the poem?

5. Who takes the responsibility of announcing the breaking of the day? How is the feat achieved?

Macbeth - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. What was the mystery behind the moving of Birnam woods?

2. Sketch the character of Lady Macbeth.

3. Why did Macbeth want to murder Banquo and his son? How was Banquo murdered?

4. Sketch the character of Macbeth.

5. Why did Lady Macbeth plot to kill the king? What did Macbeth say to oppose her?

6. What role do the witches play in Macbeth?

7. Bring out the significance of the opening scene of Macbeth.

8. What did each of the three withes predict to Macbeth when he first met them? What did they say to Banquo?

9. Give a brief account of the Banquet Scene in Macbeth.

Othello - Class 11 English Suggestion [YEAR1]

1. Why did Othello decide to kill Desdemona and himself?

2. Discuss how Othello’s love for Desdemona changed into mistrust in the play, Othello?

3. What led Desdemona to marry Othello?

4. How did Othello overcome the fury of Brabantio after marry Desdemona?

5. What role did the handkerchief play in bringing about Desdemona's ruins?

6. Sketch how lago has been characterised in Othello.

■ Class 11 English All Suggestions [YEAR1]

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