Write a Report on a Road Accident

Report on a Road Accident that you Have Witness

Reported By “Your Name” Date :At around 2:30 p.m., a serious road accident occurred on National Highway XX in "Place Name." A bus with the registration number AA-00A-20XX and a driver collided head-on with a lorry with the registration number BB-00B-20XX. The collision occurred when the lorry attempted to overtake the bus. Two passengers in the bus's front seat died on the spot. Within minutes, a large crowd has gathered at the accident site. More than five ambulances were also dispatched to the scene. The driver and nine passengers were seriously injured and were transported to a nearby city hospital. The lorry driver was able to flee the scene. The police were called by the residents, and they arrived within 5 minutes. Police officers maintain order and remove people from the street. So as not to obstruct traffic, A special team arrives and begins the investigation.
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