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Best Essay on Republic Day [YEAR] - India Republic Day Essay In English

Republic Day Essay

Outlines of the Essay

Introduction- The Republic Day
When is Republic Day Celebrated?
Why is Republic Day Celebrated?
A tribute to our freedom fighters, and the people who drafted our constitution.
Conclusion of the Essay

Introduction- The Republic Day

Republic Day is indeed a great day for India. Lakhs of people gather at India Gate, buildings, houses, offices schools are decorated in pride of the nation. The tricolour theme elaborates the decoration, the flag is a symbol of our nation’s pride, our solidarity. The flag flares high in the sky, and in its feet lies the rose petals, we all look up to it with a sense of pride and grandeur, what else could stand taller than our nation’s history, its majesty anyway?

Rashtrapati Bhavan is specially illuminated in the night. The town hall, the government offices are worth seeing. The day reminds us of so many things, India’s history, its struggle, its people, blood-sheds and its majesty, its greatness. We also call India as our motherland, We call India Bharat Maa. The soldiers, the people, the office bearers everyone is crying in unison- Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

When is Republic Day Celebrated?

India celebrates its Republic Day on 26th January, every day. It’s a big thing for Indian Population, we all cry our hearts out in unison and pay a tribute to the nation’s pride and its story. India indeed has fought great wars, and this day reminds us of the beginning of how India took its first step in becoming a sovereign nation.

Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

This was the day when our constitution came into force. On 26th January 1950 after a lengthy process of framing constitution, this was the day when India got to be proclaimed as the republic, sovereign nation. We celebrate this day to commemorate India’s greatness and it’s the grand constitution.

A tribute to our freedom fighters, and the people who drafted our constitution

Every Year when we celebrate this day, we pay tribute to the people who passed this free India to our hands. Imagine living in the same world of oppression, the colonizers had made our presence insignificant as humans. They were our freedom fighters who fought for the people of India, themselves and the humanitarian values of calling oneself a sufficient man. They left us with India of high principles, the India that was free to write its constitution.

We bow our heads to Dr BR Ambedkar, who fought stringent practices of accountability and came up with this concept of an egalitarian society. We are still thankful for inculcating such humanitarian and justifiable thoughts in our rule book, in our Indian Constitution.

Well, it’s true, we can’t go back in the time to shower these feelings of thankfulness, the least we could do is keep their ideas alive in our lives. These ideas are only going to build the country of our dreams, and India of how they always thought.

There are still so many social evils that India is fighting from, we also need to get rid of those. We are in real need to build our country working on the morals of equality, justice, liberty and sovereignty. And most importantly, let’s not forget that we are blessed to call India a republic nation, let us all bow our heads in giving a tribute to our great revolutionaries and the people who have made India a better place to live in.

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